Track Artist Album Grouping
L'Hiver Te Va Bien Louis Philippe Sean O'Hagan Presents: The Sunshine World Of Louis Philippe Tapete
Bless The Weak Daniel Takes A Train 7” Rosaville Music CompanySong of Morning
Snowboardin' The Pearlfishers Have Yourself A Merry Indie Christmas Volume I
How Christmas Was Meant To Be Track Dogs Have Yourself A Merry Indie Christmas Volume I
Christmas Times Goes By Hanemoon Have Yourself A Merry Indie Christmas Volume I
Domino Herr Wade Weihnachten... Willkommen zurück!
It's a Storm When I Sleep Peter Broderick Piano Works Vol. 1 (Floating In Tucker's Basement) Erased TapesShell
Star Hill Song Meg Baird Furling Drag City
Lawn Aldous Harding Warm Chris 4AD
Like The Thunder Joan Shelley The Spur No Quarter
Malin Head Imminent Damian O'Neill An Crann Dimple Discs
The Hills Alexandra Stréliski 7” XXIM Records
My, My Cabbaggage Cont. Bagg Gauge EP
No Big Deal Charlie Clark No Big Deal No Big Deal Music
A Night Off the Town Cameronoise A Night Off The Town
Breadcrumbs The Good Water 7”
Horse and Rider Richard Dawson The Ruby Cord Domino
Sweet One Modern Studies Cassandra Fire Recordings
The Tree Haunted Summer Whole LaunchLeft
King of the Road Mathias Kom & Toby Goodshank Miller Time BB*ISLAND
Wired To The Moon Train Room 7”
The End Theatre Royal Beneath The Floor EP
Psychodrama Andy Burns Doppelgänger
only the sound of the sea would save them Kathryn Joseph for you who are the wronged Rock Action Records
Blue Crystal Fire Group Listening Clarinet & Piano: Selected Works, Vol. 2 PRAH