Track Artist Album Label
There Is No News European Sun 7” Skep Wax Records
Big Time Angel Olsen & Sturgill Simpson 7” Jagjaguwar
Coyotes Bill Callahan 7” Drag City
Lipreader Dyslexia The Persian Leaps Machines For Living Land Ski Music
I See You Everywhere Emperor Of Ice Cream 7” FIFA Records
In My Child Mind (E to A) Black Market Karma Aped Flair and Hijacked Ideas Flower Power Records
Unfold Melody's Echo Chamber 7” Domino
The Metallic Index Fenella 7” Fire Records
After Eight (They Hate Change Cover) NEU! 50! Tribute Grönland
Indigo Joana Gama + Angelica Salvi Esfera
Proof of Life Gold Dust 7” Centripetal Force
Nowhere Man The Dupont Circles I Found That Essence Rare The Beautiful Music
The Longest Weekend 3 A.M. Again Let Me Take A Picture Subjangle
Campfire Song The New Fools Vanille
Fires In The Rain Mock Deer Perceptions
All Night Long Woodooman Y Nos Recordiau Dewin Records
Tightrope Charlie Nieland Divisions
I Don't Mind If You're Right Charlie Clark 7" No Big Deal Music
The Window Looker Lemonade Kid Le Jour de la Limonade
Primordial Soup Nap Eyes Snapshot of a Beginner Jagjaguwar
Poison Ivy Astronaute Petrichor Zealrecords
The Petrichor Near Landwehr Canal Field Guides Ginkgo Whatever's Clever Records
Rain On My Parade Field Guides Ginkgo Whatever's Clever Records
Morning (I Feel Fine) Alpine Subs Through The Blinds Subjangle Records
Ship Beneath The Floor Theatre Royal Beneath The Floor EP
Klezmische Solilians In the Running 2: Solilians - American Klezmische
Canghenion Pelydron 7” Cae Gwyn Records