Name Artist Album Label
Von Innen Aus Teig Herr Wade Herr Wade
Don't Lose Grip Man Behind Tree 3 Subjangle / Twaague
The Big Without Grand Drifter Only Child Subjangle
Grief Saguru 7”
Birthday Siv Jakobsen Birthday The Nordic Mellow
Rocky Roads SUPER 8 Universal Journey
Sailboat Martin Courtney 7” Domino
Night Vision Kiwi Jr. 7” Sub Pop
Twilight (Uxbridge Rd.) Anthony Moore Flying Doesn't Help Drag City
Lucia Anthony Moore Flying Doesn't Help Drag City
Wait Air Waves The Dance Fire Recordings
Left Door Mega Bog Dolphine Paradise of Bachelors
Cornsilk Itasca Spring Paradise of Bachelors
The Nature Of Light Celestial North The Nature of Light
Aqaba Shearwater The Great Awakening Polyborus Music
Hallogallo (Stephen Morris & Gabe Gurnsey Remix) NEU! 7” Grönland
Rooftops Field Glass Kin Happy Robots Records
Sunlight Driven Snow 7” FIFA Records
Look For The Light Pearl Diver 7”
Let It Go The Gold Supply Open Lines Analogue Trash
Second Chances Nick Edward Harris 7” Folklore
Burning Maxwell Farrington And Le SuperHomard I Had It All Talitres
Shirls Ghost Michael Head & the Red Elastic Band Dear Scott Modern Sky UK
Champion Stupid Ernest Moon Skipping to Maloo
Angel In The Snow Marine Research Peel Session Precious Recordings
This Boy is A Mess The Orchids 7” Skep Wax Records
Girls Boys Names Mount Maxwell Only Children Cardinal Fuzz
Opening To The Infinite The Soft Hills Viva Chi Vede Black Spring Records
Is There Anything Better Than This, Babe? Kelley Stoltz The Stylist Agitated
Paris Bad Pelicans 7” Géographie