Track Artist Album Label
Swim To Me Marta Del Grandi Until We Fossilize Fire Recordings
Open Face Modern Studies We Are There Fire Recordings
Original Goodness Marina Allen Candlepower Fire Recordings
Orthione Lucy Gooch 7” Fire Recordings
Melody Something Pictish Trail Island Family Fire Recordings
Space Molly Linen Days Awake EP Lost Map
Marie Sharp's Drew Gardner Drew Gardner Eiderdown Records
A Proven Liar Johny Nocash Lovesongs from the North vol. 1
Why Don't they Come For Us Johnno Casson Aka Snippet Chippa
Every Lover Knows Steven Lambke Volcano Volcano You've Changed
Together We're Alone Theatre Royal Portraits Vacilando 68 Recordings
Goldmine mylittlebrother Howl Big Stir
At Home With Me Paul Callan Dog EP
Ratchet Doug Tuttle 7”
Fires In The Rain Mock Deer Perceptions
Where Is My Mind Nick Edward Harris 7” Folklore
Gather Around In The Fog Lonesome Station Midnight Run
Home Seedsmen To The World Seedsmen To The World Broken Arrow Records / Birdman Records
River Running By Jeffrey Silverstein Torii Gates Arrowhawk Records
Reset The Clock Whelligan In The Mean Meantime NinexNine Records
Netty's House Cinema Engines 7”
Welt Ohne Rechner Herr Wade 7”
If I Wake Up Philip Parfitt Mental Home Recordings A Turntable Friend Records
Storm Warning in Effect Butcher Boy You Had a Kind Face Needle Mythology
San Sebastián Blake The Book On Love Subjangle
Miracle Cure Daniel Takes A Train 7”