Track Artist Album Label
Slow Train To Dawn The The Infected Epic
My Oh My First Class & Coach 7” FIFA Records
High Rise Low Rise Emperor of Ice Cream No Sound Ever Dies FIFA Records
I Wanna Dance Cat Dowling Animals FIFA Records
If They're Shooting At You Belle & Sebastian 7” Beggars Banquet
Witaj w Domu (English version) Ritual Cloak And Michal Iwanowski Witaj W Domu Bubblewrap Collective
I Oren Ambarchi / Johan Berthling / Andreas Werliin Ghosted Drag City
Robot 1 Whelligan In The Mean Meantime NinexNine Records
It's Important To Me Johnny Whelligan In The Mean Meantime NinexNine Records
The Dance Air Waves The Dance Fire Recordings
It Just Goes On Flock of Dimes It Just Goes On Sub Pop
Bryn Yr Hydd CA Pattemore 7” Its Creation Baby
The Aimless Aquanaut Roman Angelos Music For Underwater Supermarkets Happy Robots Records
Nightingale The Yearning Evening Souvenirs Elefant Records
Seagulls On A Frozen Lake The Hepburns (Feat. Estella Rosa) Architecture Of The Ages Elefant Records
November Nights Erisy Watt Paints In The Sky
The Dog Walker Kev Hopper Sans Noodles Dimple Discs
Charles Schulz Al Riggs Themselves
Back To The Water Julie Doiron and Dany Placard Julie & Dany Simone Records
Brave Thoughts Steven Lambke Volcano Volcano You've Changed
Reflect João Bispo Soundtracks for Contemplation and Restlessness I: Sovereign Condition El Vals Del Conejo
What Happened To Your Heart Peter Broderick Blackberry Erased Tape Records
Elk Jam II Elkhorn Elk Jam Feeding Tube Records
Canghenion Pelydron 7” Cae Gwyn Records
Catkins Raveloe 7” Olive Grove Records
Cross Bay Meg Baird 7" Drag City
St Kierans Aidan Knight Aidan Knight Full Time Hobby