Track Artist Album Label
Miss Moon Penelope Isles Which Way to Happy Bella Union
Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards Billy Bragg Workers Playtime Go! Discs
Giving Back Is Good For You The Great Leap Forward Revolt Against An Age of Plenty A Turntable Friend Records
Endless Summer Superchunk 7” Merge Records
Under Green Skies Max Bloom Pedestrian
Falun Gong Dancer Telefís 7” Dimple Discs
I Cant Wake You Constant Follower Neither Is, Nor Ever Was Shimmy Disc/Joyful Noise
Wake Up The Maureens Something In The Air Meritorio Records
Ballad Of Doug The Telephone Numbers The Ballad Of Doug Meritorio Records / Paisley Shirt Records
Darkness Under Blight Doug Tuttle Pinecone Wild Honey Records
Television Blue Andy Shauf Wilds Anti-
There are 101 ways to stay Lonesome Station Midnight Run
Don't Make A Fuss (Merry Christmas) Johny Nocash Merry Christmas. Don't Make A Fuss
Snowfall on Nazareth Blake Kaleidoscope Subjangle Records
Drifting Sulka Front Door EP Lost Map
Spiegel (Feat. Juli Gilde) Nils Lagoda/Juli Gilde 7"
Lisa Akuah Orange Blue feat Sebastian Hoch live at The Famous Gold Watch Lisa Akuah 7”
Free Advice Cindy Free Advice
Gold Entwine Josephine Foster Godmother Fire Recordings
Scots Hymn 1- Cave in Rock Dave Heumann The Wilderness Road (Original Soundtrack)
Epithalamion Liz Lochhead + Andrew Wasylyk Transmissions Vol. 1 - CD1 Blackford Hill
Harbour Fireworks Simon Kirby, Tommy Perman and Rob St. John Concrete Antenna Blackford Hill
Move To Wales The Hepburns (Feat. Estella Rosa) Architecture Of The Ages Elefant Records
Waiting in the Story Mega Bog Dolphine Paradise of Bachelors
Paoha Theodore Wild Ride 7” Icarus / Consouling
There Is No Upside James Yorkston and The Second Hand Orchestra The Wide, Wide River Domino
Souffles du Nil Houeida Hedfi Fleuves de l'Âme Phantasy