Track Artist Album Label
Iced Gems Penelope Isles 7” Bella Union
Gleichfalls Alice Hubble Hexentanzplatz Happy Robots Records
Crossing Over Oui Plastique 7” Scentair Records
They're In Our Head (Kampong Glam Mix) Rude Audio Railton Ruckus
Drifting 22 Oceans 7” 72rpm Records
Always On My Mind The Catenary Wires Birling Gap Skep Wax// Shelflife Records
All The Scenery Of Love Mike Gale Twin Spirit
Shimmer The Room in the Wood We're the Martians, Now A Turntable Friend Records
Mo Stór Jim McHugh Pretending To Wake Up
Our Land Oh My Tree Where the Grace Is
Polar Vortex Owen Pallett Island Domino
One Word Owen Duff 7”
Hear Me Out R.E. Seraphin Tiny Shapes
I Don't Wanna Be It The Lodger Cul-de-sac Of Love Pretty Olivia
Justice Jennifer Castle Monarch Season Paradise of Bachelors
Every Song I Sing Is for You Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom Don't Believe the Hyperreal (The Burning Hell Presents Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom) BB*ISLAND
His Love Interest Quiet Marauder The Gift Bubblewrap Collective
Dreaming With Alice Mark Fry Dreaming With Alice
Slow Joke Grin Laura Gibson Goners Barsuk Records
The Bird And The Statue Perlee Half Seen Figure EP Greenbay Records
Song of songs Dawn-Song For Morgan Ffynnone Music
Naxos Anna Vincent Under The Glass Ultimate Blends
I'm Not Bitter T.C. Folkpunk Famous for Fifteen People
When This Gets Out The Persian Leaps 7” Land Ski Records
Laguna Nights To Remember Lisa Mychols & SUPER 8 LISA MYCHOLS & SUPER 8 The Beautiful Music
Love Maxwell Farrington & Le SuperHomard Once Talitres
What Then Cried Jo Soap David Keenan 7” Rubyworks
Weather Vane Emperor of Ice Cream 7” FIFA Records
Church Hall Bingo Hall Amateur Trepanning Amateur Trepanning Win Big Records
Chesler Park Mouth Painter Tropicale Moon Arrowhawk Records