Track Artist Album Label
Musik Kontrol A Certain Ratio ACR:EPC Mute
Airport Alan Demsky 7” /
Frosty Mornings All Sparks Burn Out Ceremonies for the Lost
Ship on the Sea Tombstones In Their Eyes Looking For A Light Kitten Robot Records / Somewherecold Records
Can We Skip This? The Silence Kit Fall Protection
Watching Cartoons La Luz 7” Hardly Art
Loveable Piroshka Love Drips & Gathers Bella Union
Sailing Still Penelope Isles 7” Bella Union
Sad Toys Bryan's Magic Tears Vacuum Sealed Born Bad Records
Hell (2021 Remix and Master) Pere Ubu St Arkansas Fire Recordings
July 5th Blvck Hippie If You Feel Alone at Parties The Record Machine
We Live In A Beautiful City Ten Katestraat 7”
Down The Line Tom Bright 7” Self-released
Awaken and Allow Shannon Lay Awaken and Allow / Geist Sub Pop
Psalm 47 Nathan Salsburg Psalm No Quarter
At The Edge Of The World Marisa Anderson & William Tyler Lost Futures Thrill Jockey
I Would Sing Along Karen Peris 7” Bella Union
Set Sail Mouth Painter Tropicale Moon Arrowhawk Records
Midnight Damon & Naomi with Kurihara A Sky Record 20-20-20
Elliot Audrey, Born Today Glenn Jones The Giant Who Ate Himself and Other New Works For 6 & 12 String Guitar Thrill Jockey Records
Eskdale Path Dean McPhee Witch's Ladder Hood Faire/Cargo Records
Secret Paint Good Dog Creature Lost Map
New House Raveloe Raveloe Olive Grove Records
When They Didn't Care Molly Linen Outside EP Lost Map
Hall of Mirrors James Toth Toth's Law - Volume 2
Copper Kettle Jake Xerxes Fussell Copper Kettle / Hills of Mexico Paradise of Bachelors