Track Artist Album Label
Destiny The Chills Scatterbrain Fire Recordings
The People & the Places Mock Deer The Art of Loneliness
Everyone Looks So Fine Emperor of Ice Cream No Sound Ever Dies FIFA Records
Cwmwl Pluog Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18 Mas Légère Recordings
All The Things I'm Made Of Léanie Kaleido How To Weigh A Whale Without A Scale
Sharon's Fair Mothers Separate Lives Song, by Toad Records
Sanctuary Mornings Good Good Blood At Your Mercy Fox Food Records
If It Comes in the Morning Hiss Golden Messenger 7” Merge Records
Moll & Zeis (Country Mix) David Long And Shane O'Neill Moll & Zeis
Striped Sunlight Mike Gale The Star Spread Indefinite
Blood Flow Peter Hall There's Something Wrong With Everyone EP
Something Seems Off The Umbrella Puzzles A Slowly Dawning Realization Subjangle Records
Moment The Crayon Set 7”
The Bird And The Statue Perlee Half Seen Figure EP Greenbay Records
I Don't Wanna Be It The Lodger Cul-de-sac Of Love Pretty Olivia
Black and Blue Popular Creeps 7” Big Stir
Juxtaposed Parallax Firefriend Yellow Spider Cardinal Fuzz
Joking Apart The Nightingales Pigs On Purpose Call Of The Void
Aura Akira Kosemura 88 Keys Schole Records
Opening Aunt Dora's Box in 6/8 (Rainer Ptacek cover) The Howard Hughes Suite Smoke from a Future Fire
The Naked Eye Modern Studies The Body Is A Tide Fire Recordings
Bad Dreams Indigo Sparke Echo
Young and Encouraged al Riggs I Got A Big Electric Fan To Keep Me Cool While I Sleep Horse Complex Records
Tokens Will Stratton 7” Bella Union
Worldly Nico Hedley & Field Guides 7” Whatever's Clever Records
Hailey Cassandra Jenkins An Overview on Phenomenal Nature Ba Da Bing!
Cave of the Blue Dragon Red River Dialect Broken Stay Open Demos Paradise of Bachelors
Sullivan Fog Lake Tragedy Reel Orchid Tapes