Artist Track Album Label
BC Camplight Back To Work Shortly After Takeoff Bella Union
Captain Wilberforce Take Me Home To The Moon When The Dust Just Won’t Settle Blue Tuxedo
Become The Sky Lush 7”
DateMonthYear July 7”
Basic Plumbing Keeping Up Appearances Keeping Up Appearances
The Late Pioneers Bits And Bobs The Late Pioneers Subjangle
The Room In The Wood Dragonfly We’re The Martians, Now A Turntable Friend Records
Alex Monk Jumpcut Priests Grumbles, Murmurs And Rumbles
Night Heron Wallace’s Song Pass EP
Yani Martinelli Origami Astral Fox Food Records
Henry & Fleetwood Bessie Bell And Mary Gray Archipelago Vol. 6 Olive Grove Records
Circle Meets Dot Paper And Ink Archipelago Vol. 6 Olive Grove Records
Derrero Rolling Past Vistas Time Lapse Cae Gwyn Records
Cormac O Caoimh Building My Ark Swim Crawl Walk Run
Aoife Nessa Frances Libra Land Of No Junction Melodic
James Elkington Late Jim’s Lament Ever-Roving Eye Paradise Of Bachelors