Artist Track Album Label Zeit
The The Slow Train To Dawn Infected Epic 0:05
Submotile Tramonto Ghosts Fade On Skylines Midsummer Madness 5:26
Ernest Moon Paddle Boat Ba-Jesus 9:17
The Bevis Frond Dreamboat Sinking It Just Is Fire 13:43
Big Tide When The Tide Turns Sync Or Swim A Turntable Friend Records 18:16
James Yorkston Yorkston Athletic The Road To Harmonium Domino 22:57
The Boys With The Perpetual Smile Runaway Dead Calm 26:48
Cat Power Wanderer / Exit Wanderer Domino 29:57
Gabriel Kahane Model Trains Book Of Travelers Nonesuch 32:12
Yo La Tengo Two Trains Fade Matador 36:51
Angela Aux Taking The Train In Love With The Demons Trikont 42:10
Fairy Godmother / Friends Of Fox Food Records Futon Couch Something’s There But You’re Not Sure What Fox Food Records 45:36
Cate Le Bon Meet The Man Reward Mexian Summer 48:06
Frankie Cosmos Bus Bus Train Train Vessel Sub Pop 52:05
Robyn Hitchcock I Often Dream Of Trains I Often Dream Of Trains Midnight Music 53:54
The Burning Hell Travel Writers People BB* Island 56:14