Track Artist Album Label
Motorbike Journey Roman Angelos 7” Music Factory Records
Red Cloud Marina Allen Eight Pointed Star Fire Recordings
Manhattan Pigeon James Clarke Five Zoom and The Gadflies Favourite Recordings
Carcosa Royal Ottawa Carcosa
There She Goes Again West Coast Music Club Out Of Reach 72rpm Records
Communal Imagination Andrew Wasylyk & Tommy Perman 7” Clay Pipe Music
Who Will I Count The Stars With Now? paulfcook x Machina X 7”
Heaven Fred Abong 7” Moochin' About Records
Kismet Hiro Rie and Yoshito Lost In An Imaginary World Of Beauty The Beautiful MusicFrom A Distance
Smoke Eiko Ishibashi 7” Drag City
Song For Rachel Dana Gavanski LATE SLAP Full Time Hobby
Shy Girl On The Dance Floor The Artisans Saturday Comes Around SubjangleCarry on Crow
Uncompletable Washing Machina The Spontaneous Splendid Lövely RecordsCan't Stand The Rain
Leave Me Alone John Douglas John Douglas Reveal RecordsBench Seat (Tele Version)
Counting The Raindrops Cormac O Caoimh 1999-2012 Vol. 1
Memory Screen pt. 1 Jon McKiel Hex You've Changed
Lightning The Dead Tongues I Am A Cloud Psychic Hotline
Hurting h. pruz No Glory Mtn Laurel Recording Co.In der Sonne
Qu'il Pleuve Raoul Vignal & Aloa Input 7” Inselgruppe
Frustrated Painters Renee Maskin Shimmer Mint 400 Records
The Path Ahead It Shines With Glory Dominic Carlton Jones 7” Head Space RecordsGlass Island