Artist Track Album Label
Ward White Here Come The Dowsers Here Come The Dowsers Think Like A Key
Mark Lofgren Ne'er Do Wells Black Moon Book 3 markalanlofgren auf Bandcamp
Jessica Pratt World On A String 7" City Slang
Marisa Anderson The Hunter Music From A Perfect Day For Caribou marisaanderon auf Bandcamp
Mockdeer Harbinger 7" Folklore
Marina Allen Red Cloud Eight Pointed Star Fire Records
Two Headed Horse I'm Not Hidden Shimmer OX4 Sound / Wooden Pyjamas
Sparky Bosque I Won't Be Found Corkscrew Soul sparkybosque auf Bandcamp
Sam Lee Bushes And Briars songdreaming Cooking Vinyl
Efterklang Getting Reminders 7" City Slang
Dot Dash Airwaves Lost In An Imaginary World Of Beauty The Beautiful Music
Boyracer Unknown Frequencies Under The Bridge 2 Skep Wax
Sepiasound June In Her Eyes Under The Bridge 2 Skep Wax
Anton Barbeau September Gurls (Big Star) An Introduction To Anton Barbeau Fruits De Mer Records
The Six Parts Seven & Goodmorning Valentine Meditation In D Kissing Distance Suicide Squeeze