Artist Track Album Label
Crumbs You're Just Jealous 7" Skep Wax
Pulse Park Dark Empath First Second HALL UND ECHO
Obscura Hail Amnesia Playing Dead Dot Dash / Remote Control Records
Peter Hall What Are You Waiting For? What Are You Waiting For? peterhallmusic auf Bandcamp
Wand Help Desk 7" Drag City
Buck Curran Morning Song With Lucia The Long Distance Eiderdown Records
Afterlands Geese Flying In Broken Patterns We Are The Animals In The Night Lost Map
Fur Trader St. Katherine Of The Angels Executionland furtrader auf Bandcamp
Little Kid Eggshell A Million Easy Payments Orindal
Real Estate Flowers Daniel Domino
Jane Weaver Romantic Worlds Love In Constant Spectacle Fire Records
Penny Arcade Want You Around Backwater Collage Tapete
Kyle Hamlett Duo (featuring Luke Schneider) All The Diamonds James Toth Presents...Imaginational Anthem vol. XIII - Songs Of Bruce Cockburn Tompkins Square
Corridor Mon Argent 7" Sub Pop
Mohammad Syfkhan Do You Have A Lover Or Not? I Am Kurdish Nyahh Records