Artist Track Album Label
BIKE O Torto Santo 7" Quadrado Mágico/ Before Sunrise
Elkhorn South On The Whole Universe In All Directions Centripetal Force/ Cardinal Fuzz
Dorothy Moskowitz & The United States Of Alchemy Unknown To Ourselves Under An Endless Sky Tompkins Square
Josephine Foster Haunted House Domestic Sphere Fire Records
Harry Taussig Etude In G Major #7 (take 2) 80 Tompkins Square
Lonnie Holley I Can't Hush Oh Me Oh My Jagjaguwar
Laura Mulcahy I've A Feeling We're Not In Kansas Anymore 7" Thelauramulcay on Bandcamp
Shana Cleveland Mayonnaise Manzanita Hardly Art
Faten Kanaan Trenchcoat Afterpoem Fire Records
Immaterial Possession To The Fete Mercy Of The Crane Folk Fire Records
Jana Horn Leaving Him The Window Is The Dream No Quarter
Chloe Gallardo Last Dance 7" Taxi Gauche Records