Artist Track Album Label
Rachael Dadd Children Of The Galaxy Kaleidoscope Memphis Industries
The Flaming Lips Flowers Of Neptune Flowers Of Neptune 6 Bella Union
Bill Pritchard Saturn And Co. Mother Town Hall Tapete
Holmes + atten Ash Janus Saturnian Blackford Hill
Apollo Ghosts Deodora Pink Tiger You’ve Changed Records
The Lunar Laugh Apollo Nighthawks! Big Stir
Pulse Park Apollonian Heart Phonac Music Shoredive Records
Divisionists Colours (Song For A Spaceman) Daybreak Mount Watatic
Jesse Adelman Big Spaceship Strangers Jesse Adelman auf Bandcamp
The Chesterfields You’re Ace From Space New Modern Homes Mr. Mellow’s Music
Tim Linghaus Audrey In Outer Space With Superpowers We Were Young When You Left Home Schole Records
Field Guides Condensate Gingko Whatever’s Clever Records
Brian Harnetty A Hawk Flew Fast Away Words And Silences Winesap Records
Maxine Funke Angel Pieces Of Driftwood Disciples
Healing Potpourri Paradise Paradise Run For Cover Records
Harmonie Fields Aurora Drink From The Bowl BB*Island
Aoife Nessa Frances Back To Earth Protector Partisan Records