Artist Track Album Label
Quiet Marauder It Wasn’t Me, It Was The Moon Tiny Men Parts Bubblewrap Collective
Slow Decades Ambient Violence Foundation 7” Self-released auf Bandcamp
Candy Opera Freedom Song The Patron Saint Of Heartache A Turntable Friend
One Morning In August End Of Days (Part 2) 7” Self-released Auf Bandcamp
Ane Brun Song For Thrill And Tom How Beauty Holds The Hand Of Sorrow Balloon Ranger Recordings
The War On Drugs An Ocean Between The Waves Live Drugs Super High Quality Records
Blackbird Mantra High And Dry High And Dry La Pochette Surprise
James Yorkston And The Second Hand Orchestra Struggle 7“ Domino
Jennifer Castle Justice Monarch Season Paradise Of Bachelors
Easy Golden Birds (Early Morning Version) 7“ A Turntable Friend
Allyson Seconds And Anton Barbeau Neil Young Son Bag Of Kittens (2020 Reissue) Big Stir
Tim Linghaus Home For The Kids (Solo Piano Version) Venus Years Schole
Sun Ra Arkestra Dorothy’s Dance Swirling theStrut